Keynote Speech

Ballroom October 24, 2018 9:45 am - 10:35 am

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Integration of EV’s into fleets implications for the future

Abstract. Worldwide attention is being devoted to the development of Electric Vehicles (EVs) as a solution to mobility and transport issues, environmental impact of vehicle emissions and fossil fuel shortage in accordance with peak oil predictions. Major vehicle manufacturers have already announced that from 2019/2020 they will only be producing either fully electric or hybrid vehicles. In addition, electric engines appear to be the power of choice used in many of the vehicles being developed toward autonomy. Consequently, many countries will be forced into a situation whereby in coming years EV’s will be in the majority. The integration of EV’s has implications for the organisational fleet, environment, business and greater transport community. This presentation will outline some of the opportunities associated with adopting EV’s along with discussing some of the key challenges with this type of transport within the business and community environments. This presentation will explore the current strategies and initiatives being implemented by organisations and conclude with providing direction for future research and successful integration of EV’s into organisational vehicle fleets.

Keywords: electric vehicle, fleets, environmental impact